Introduction to Career Development

The career development is procedure provided by the university in order to encourage its students and graduate students finding their self-knowledge and try to improve their potential for suitable employment by awareness of their own special skills and interesting jobs. The students can set the plan for their future career and set the method to improve themselves during the study period in the university. The university provides the advice for career, the guide book the job and working well, development program for communication skills and team skills. These activities enhance Walailak University’s student to suit the nation’s demand for employment.

Career Development has 3 Important Elements :
1. Process
2. Development
3. Progress

There are 2 methods of professional career development.
1. Career development by individuals evaluating their aptitudes, seeking opportunities and career goals.
2. Career development by the organization by “Training and personnel development” to enhance progress and develop the knowledge and ability of personnel in the organization.

Activities can be done include      
– Realistic Job Preview
– Career Path 
– Challenging Assignment
– Job Rotation 
– Performance Feedback
– Career Consulting
– Career Development Workshop