International Cooperative

International Cooperative Education Program
     Walailak University launched the cooperative education program in 2001 and implemented the international cooperative education in 2002 until now, there have been  total of 208  international students in 15 majors participating in the international cooperative education program. They were attached to work in 51 workplaces in 15 countries which are India, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, People Republic of China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Canada, Laos, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Japan and Germany.

International Workplace 2002 – 2016
     1. Malaysia: 24 Places
     2. China: 7 Places
     3. Vietnam: 3 Places
     4. Singapore: 3 Places
     5. India: 3 Places
     6. Australia: 3 Place
     7. Indonesia 1 Place
     8. Laos: 1 Place
     9. Japan: 1 Place
     10. Taiwan: 1 Place
     11. New Zealand: 1 Place
     12. Canada: 1 Place
     13. Germany: 1 Place
     14. Hungary: 1 Place
     15. South Africa: 1 Place

International Cooperative Education Students Camp
Walailak University organized the WU’s Preparation for the International Cooperative Education Students Camp 2015 and 2016.  Both camps were organized in Malaysia which were University Perlis Malaysia and Malaysia Hospitality College. These camps were designed for the students to improve the international skills and English proficiency to be ready for the future workforce. The main purpose of this camp was to strengthen the student’s confidence for going abroad.