Introduction to Cooperative Education

Introduction to cooperative education
Walailak University Applying the education system that combines classroom learning with practical career work experience (Work Integrated Learning) from the beginning of teaching in 1998, which requires all participating students take one semester or about 16 weeks for cooperative education program before their graduation. At present, there are many courses that require students to work in cooperative education more than 1 time.

The process of cooperative education consists of Preparation before the operation, Application and student selection, Cooperative Education at the workplace, Work site visit during operation by cooperative education advisor, Evaluation of cooperative education between university and workplace.

Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education is an education model that systematically switch classroom learning between practical work experience with a partnership of both public and private industrial enterprises and all involved sectors. It is the Work Integrated Learning operating under standard operation of Cooperative Education Thailand. (Wichit Sirsa-arn, 2012)


  1. To develop education’s program and education’s planning of the university to meet with the demands of the society and the nation in human resources and workforces.
  2. To develop student’s knowledge, skills and professional competence through authentic working experience in the workplace settings.
  3. To professionally prepare the students for their career in terms of their self-realization, professional competence, and self-development to reach their goals.
  4. To promote domestic and international partnership and collaboration between the government institute partnerships and collaboration between the government’s institute and private’s sectors in human resources development.
  5. To encourage collaboration research, and sharing of innovative ideas initiated by university and private/public enterprises.

Cooperative Education Program of Walailak University
Walailak University’s school year is a trimester system of which the cooperative education program take 16 weeks to fulfill the requirements, and after completing this program, participating students should come back to study at least 1 trimester before graduation.