The Process of Cooperative Education

A Year before Cooperative Education
1. Submit a CO-OP application form in October.
2. Enroll on a Pre-Cooperative Education course 0.5(2-0-4) (XXX-390) for two trimesters before taking Cooperative Education practice. This course emphasizes career plans, training of Job application skills, interviews, and important knowledge for practice. A student must receive an evaluation of letter grade satisfied “S” for applying Cooperative Education.

A semester before Participating in Cooperative Education
1.  Two trimesters before Cooperative Education
     1.1  Check the qualification of a CO-OP student.
     1.2  In case of the offering of a new establishment, a student can hand in the petition form to CO-OP staff via a major CO-OP coordinator before the end of the fourth week of semester.

2.  A semester before Cooperative Education
     2.1  A student submits the CO-OP confirmation form in the second week.
     2.2  Check the name list of CO-OP students and the establishments. To Submit a CO-OP application form and the ordering establishment selection form during the third to the fourth week. A student selects the ordering 3 establishments.
     2.3  Attend a major/school interview.
     2.4  Co-Op center announces an interview result and students receive a written parent/guardian approval form.
     2.5  Submit a written parent/guardian approval form in the 8th week of trimester.
     2.6  Completely attend additional training required by the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development.
     2.7  Participate in ‘Preparing Student  to the Establishment Activity’, students will receive the documents as follow:
         2.7.1   A form of contact with the establishment.
         2.7.2  A form of accommodation and establishment address.
         2.7.3  A form of Cooperative Education plan.
         2.7.4  A form of a job description, position description, and a job supervisor description.
         2.7.5  A form of Cooperative Education Weekly Job Assignment Form
         2.7.6  A form of Cooperative Education Weekly Job Assignment Form
     2.8.  Receive a referral letter and a CO-OP evaluation form for an establishment.

A Cooperative Education trimester
A student must report duty to the establishment in the required time. In the case of extenuating circumstances, if a student cannot arrive on time, please call the establishment staff as soon as possible. Avoid going to a company at the weekend because it is inconvenient to report a duty and to find accommodation.
2.  A student submits the accommodation and establishment address, the result of the Cooperative Education plan, job description-position description-job supervisor description form, and the outline of practices to the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development before the end of the third week, and the entire documents will be sent to the college supervisor for checking and giving suggestions.

Note: In case a job supervisor has no time to fill in forms, the student should ask politely to complete forms by his/himself checked and signed by the job supervisor. If the student can’t submit documents in the required time, the student has to inform the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development through email and phone calls.

3.  The student sends a report to a job supervisor for suggestions and revisions before the end of practices at least 2 weeks.
4.  By the end of practice, a student presents the result of practices before coming back to university.

A semester after Cooperative Education
A student submits a report to the college supervisor in the required time.
2.  A student presents a project and attends an academic activity required by each major.
3.  A student must submit a final report to the establishment and school/college.
4.  A student has to submit a CO-OP evaluation assessed by the establishment, a questionnaire assessed by a student, a CDs report, and the Co-op presentation file to the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development in the required time.