Qualifications and Duties of a CO-OP Student

Qualifications of a COOP Student

1. Basic Qualifications
     1.1 Complete foundation courses which each program requires to be the course conditions of Cooperative Education.

     1.2 Maintain an accumulated overall grade point average (GPAX) of at least 2.00 2 trimesters before CO-OP practice or at the date of submitting the CO-OP application.

     1.3 Have good behavior and do not subject to student disciplinary action at the level of intermission.

     1.4 Have good physical health and don’t have any disease or illness that could interfere with the job in the workplace.

     1.5 Completed a pre-co-op course by received an evaluation of letter grade satisfied “S”.

2.  Qualifications required by the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development
     2.1 Completely comply with the process of Cooperative Education.

3.  Other conditions
     3.1 Receive written parent/guardian approval. 
     3.2 A CO-OP student can live in the establishment province.     

The Duties of a COOP Student

1. A Co-op student has to work at the establishment as temporary staff in the position which is appropriate with student ability determined by major.

2.  During practices, a student must comply with the regulations of the establishment and Walailak University Regulations by the virtue of the student disciplinary of Bachelor’s Degree Education B.E.2543(2000), and Walailak announcement in the subject of Cooperative Education B.E.2550(2007).

3. A student takes responsibility for duties assigned from the establishment which a major approves that work is good and appropriate with student knowledge and ability.

4.  If the student has a problem during the practice, he/she must urgently contact a major CO-OP coordinator or a CO-OP staff for solving a problem.

5. A student presents the results of practices to the college supervisor, draws up a CO-OP questionnaire through http://ced.wu.ac.th/coopwu/index.php, and sends a report CO-OP CDs to the Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development after completing CO-OP practice.